The World - Without Dekoruma

The World - Without Dekoruma

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The World - With Dekoruma

What is Dekoruma?

Dekoruma is an end-to-end discovery engine for Home & Living physical goods and services. Dekoruma dissects traditional inventory based solution in favor of distributed warehousing whereby each package will be shipped directly from the most optimized location, simplifying discovery and reducing intermediary cost of moving items and many-to-many coordination between services.

Our Tech Stack

Our architecture composed of microservices, powering 2 core products (Storefront and Merchant Central), 2 intermediaries (Cerebro and Pipeline) and other smaller products.

Using Python and NodeJS, we rapidly extend their usage to build advanced stuffs overtime: Isomorphic JS, Shared flux core for Web/Native, Crawler, Distributed Indexing, Stock Prediction, Arrival Estimation, TF-IDF based Freq Bought Together, Similarity Model, etc.

For deployment automation, we have continuous deployment workflow, whereby all code you write will go live to production within minutes after running tests. All releases immediately going to production (no-staging).

Explosive Growth

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Why Join Dekoruma?

Have Control of Your Product

We believe that the best product decisions are made by the people who are actually doing the work - engineers. We take great pride in building what we think is right for us - not because there's a manager telling us to do so. We own our own mistake when we're wrong, we learn and we move forward.

Build Modern Application Architectures

We have modern application architectures such as microservices. Exciting new technology is great, but we don't favor premature technology with quirks & maintenance - we are pragmatic when choosing our stack and we always optimize for productivity / fastest to ship.

Elegant Developer Experience

We believe in automation & orchestration to help us become very productive. We want a hot button to deploy. We want a single button to rollback, to connect, to do everything. We try to eliminate dev ops as much as possible.

Dekoruma Engineering
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Engineers build Dekoruma from the ground up, creating APIs and abstractions to solve challenging technical problems. If our core values resonates with you, lets have a chat.
[email protected]

Interested? Find positions that fit you:

PS: If you are interested with the future, here are cool stuffs that we're going to build in the coming months:
React Native, Data science stack (Kafka/Spark/Tensorflow), ML based feed, Geo-Aware Supplier/Shipment and Algorithmic Pricing.